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France: ambitious goals for the public sector

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Organic shops also offer organic meals.

Organic shops also offer organic meals. Photo Karin Heinze

According to the media France wanted to make half of all food in public sector organic or local by 2022. The government has announced that at least half of all food bought by the public sector must be organic or locally produced.
The French government will force an increase in this sector for the next four years.

According to the French Agricultural Minister Stéphane Travert announced the new rules as part of measures to boost the French farming sector, and to improve diets. This should be a model for other European countries to promote catering and the public food sector. 

Especially the British Soil Association wants to follow this new French policy. Policy and Campaigns Manager at the Soil Association’s Food for Life, Rob Percival said "the initiative highlights the power of public procurement to support better farming practices and improve diets."


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