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First vegan stock index presented

by Leo Frühschütz (comments: 0)

Plants growing on coins
Investments in sustainability are getting more and more attractive. © Pixabay / nattanan

Recently, two US investors launched the first vegan stock index. The index is called "Vegtech" and stands for "The Global Vegan Impact and Innovation Index".

It was compiled by a management consultant and an investor from the U.S., Elysabeth Alfano and Sasha Goodman, the Vegconomist business service reported. The index includes 21 publicly traded companies "actively innovating to remove animals from the food chain to solve some of the world's most pressing problems," according to the index's website.

Most of the companies come from the USA, Canada and Israel and produce or trade in vegan food. The best known is certainly the veggie burger manufacturer Beyond Meat, whose products are also available in Europe. Also represented in the index is the Swedish company Senzagen, which develops alternative testing methods to replace animal testing. Tesla accounts for ten percent of the index. Although Elon Musk's company builds electric cars, it does not use leather seats.

Since the start in December 2020, the index grew from 1000 to 1312 points by the end of February 2021, i.e. by almost a third.


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