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Farewell to Elisabeth Mercier from Agency Bio

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Elisabeth Mercier

On July 1st, Florent Guhl, 48 years old, will take over the Directorate of Agence BIO, according to their official web page. The  agency, as a public interest group, is a national platform in France, who represent the public interest in order to promote and develop organic farming. They bring together representatives of public authorities (Ministries of Agriculture and Ecology) and professionals together (FNAB, APCA, Synabio and Coop de France).

Florent Guhl occupied the post of deputy director for development of agricultural and food products, forestry in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry for a long time. He will be the successor of Elisabeth Mercier, who has been the director of Agence BIO since 2004 and the General Inspector of Agriculture. Florent Guhl emphasized: "I would like to welcome the excellent work of Elisabeth Mercier and her team, for their support to the organic sector."

Elisabeth Mercier, a native of Normandy, has been fascinated since her early childhood for nature, agriculture and its preservation. Mercier first completed an degree in economics at The University of Caen. In the late 70s she had her first important position in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. There she dedicated "all (my) energy to improve the relationship between cost and effectiveness of public credits and their social utility".

Her second mission was to support the Common Agricultural Policy and to act in its interest. Then Elisabeth Mercier worked in the dairy industry in the Office du Lait ("Milk Office"). "The preservation of food diversity and environmental protection have always driven me in all of those positions," said the former head of Agence Bio in an interview with She was also active in the Netherlands as Agricultural Attaché in the French Embassy. Elisabeth Mercier leaves Agency Bio now after 12 years. Mercier concludes that "organic agriculture is an art" that one should protect.





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