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EOC 2019: Let's talk about innovation and technology

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Drone above field. Symbol picture © Pixabay/LaurentSchmidt
On 20-21 June, European and national policy-makers and the organic community will gather in Bucharest, Romania, for the European Organic Congress 2019. The theme of the congress is "Innovation and technology: how organic improves, inspires & delivers".

Agenda of the European Organic Congress 2019

The first day of the congress will put the spotlight on improving agricultural policies. In the opening plenary, a high-level policy panel will discuss the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). They will address specific questions like, does the CAP’s new Green Architecture work for the benefit of farmers, consumers and rural communities? How can organic farmers contribute towards CAP objectives under the policy’s New Delivery Model? Can Europe do more with less budget to support its farmers and what can be done about it? National ministries, European Commission officials, representatives of civil society and farmers will give their input.

The possibility of a new European organic action plan for 2020-2027 will also be on the agenda. National and regional policy-makers will explore how it could contribute to the priorities of the next Commission. They will also look into the linkages needed between the EU, the national, the regional and the city level to make such action plan easily implementable and efficient. Moreover, they will explore how a European organic action plan can be forward-looking for developing organics in Europe and making the most of the benefits of organic farming for the environment and fairer food systems.

The second day of the conference will focus on innovation and technology by organic, for organic. Interactive parallel sessions will explore what organic can gain by using emerging technologies. The participants of the congress will exchange about the technological revolution that is unfolding before our eyes. The workshops focus on big data, the risks and costs and benefits of the Internet of Things, and innovation in organic in Romania. The session about innovation in organic in Romania will be held in two languages.

In the afternoon, organic practitioners from across the value chain will explore the opportunities of digital technologies for the organic sector.

Innovation is a creative, often bottom-up process that involves a much wider range of interventions than simply the use of new technologies. Register now to be part of the discussion on how to strengthen innovation throughout the organic value chain.


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