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Dutch pioneers Odin and De Nieuwe Band join forces

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Odin has around 20 organic shops in the Netherlands.

Odin has around 20 organic shops in the Netherlands. (Screenshot)

The Board and the board of directors the organic trade enterprises De Nieuwe Band and Estafette Odin agree to merge the trading and production activities after formal approval of the relevant bodies. The plans have been submitted to the employees, cooperative members and works councils as an intended decision. The coming weeks it will be discussed with all those concerned, in preparation for final decision making in mid-March, says a press release.

New 100% organic total supplier

The vision for the future of the two organizations, on agriculture, on collaboration in the chain and on food quality are closely related. The merger of Odin and De Nieuwe Band creates a 100% organic total supplier, operating on the basis of cooperative principles and with strong direct control of the chain from farm to fork.

The objective is to integrate all activities of De Nieuwe Band within Estafette Odin BV, which is to be renamed to Odin De Nieuwe Band BV. The management of the new organization will be led by the joint management teams of the both companies. At the Marum site (De Nieuwe Band), the focus will continue to be on dry goods and packaging activities. In Geldermalsen (Odin) the emphasis will be even more on fresh and online. The De Nieuwe Band brand will be further expanded in the coming years as a strong natural food brand for dry goods.

Both organizations celebrate their 35th birthday this year and together they share 70 years of experience in ecological and innovative chain structures. The new company offers small and large business customers and consumers an opportunity to join a complete purchasing platform of organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables, dairy, chilled fresh produce, cheese, frozen foods, dry groceries, and cosmetics.





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