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Diversity in Beauty: Key topic at the Natural Cosmetics Conference

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Eryca Freemantle
Eryca Freemantle talks about diversity in natural cosmetics at the 11th Natural Cosmetics Conference. © Natural Cosmetics Conference

"Diversity in Beauty" is one of the main topics of the 11th international Natural Cosmetics Conference, that the organizers specifically highlight. The congress will take place from 25th to 26th September 2018 in Berlin. Registrations are possible at Natural Cosmetics Conference.

Impetus for new developments in the natural cosmetics industry

“Our world is changing and becoming more diverse and colorful. The changes bring along both opportunities and challenges. The Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference wants to provide new impulses for new developments within the natural and organic cosmetics industry“, says Wolf Lüdge, Program Chairman and organizer of the Conference. Lüdge sees cultural diversity and the need for tailor-made products as key economic factors for the future: “Those wanting to be successful on a long-term basis will need to satisfy the diverse customer groups also with a broad and personalized product offering. This requires a general willingness to address this issue“ Elfriede Dambacher, an expert in organic cosmetics and Program Chairwoman of the Natural Cosmetics Conference: “Ethical considerations, that also include diversity, today are just as important as organic ingredients. The natural and organic cosmetics industry has the opportunity to address diversity reputably and with credibility and thereby authentically implement the usage of the term diversity in the beauty market“.

“Diversity [...] should be celebrated, and not as a fashion statement or as a gimmick.“
– Eryca Freemantle, Global Beauty Educator & Strategist from London

On the second conference day, Eryca Freemantle, Global Beauty Educator & Strategist from London, wants to demonstrate that diversity is more than just decorative cosmetics with a wide range of colours: “Diversity should no longer be treated as a tick box or as something that needs to be adhered to for statistical purposes. It is something that should be celebrated, and not as a fashion statement or as a gimmick.“ In addition, it will focus on the current challenges facing the natural cosmetics industry in a critical and trenchant manner: “The beauty industry on a whole is seemingly slow to pick up on the way society is moving forward, but just adding different tones and different textures to their portfolio will not be enough to cover the issue of diversity from the perspective of the consumer. Diversity is so much more.“ explains Freemantle.

All key topics for the Natural Cosmetics Conference 2018:

  • New players setting standards – how can organic cosmetics be redefined?
  • Digitalization and humanity – a good match?
  • Customer loyalty – how can the bond be enhanced?
  • Brazil, country of raw materials – efficient ingredients from the rainforest
  • Polluted oceans – how can the flood of plastic be stopped?
  • Diversity in beauty – does a multicultural assortment mean new customers?
  • Digital adaption – how stores are becoming smarter


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