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Dennree Group increases sales

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The facade of a Denns BioMarkt with the new logo.
The facades of almost 450 stores have been converted to the new logo in recent months. Picture © Denns BioMarkt / PR

The organic retailer was able to further expand its growth from the previous year in 2021. The workforce again benefited from the positive business development. Dennree also invested in its warehouse at the company headquarters in Toepen.

The Dennree Group closed the past fiscal year with consolidated net sales of 1.47 billion Euros. This represents an increase of 1.4 per cent compared to 2020, the company announced on Tuesday. Fueled by the impact of the Corona pandemic, Dennree achieved a 24 per cent increase and 1.12 billion Euros in 2020.

The total was generated by 7,700 employees, more than 5,600 of whom work in Denns stores, the company said. In recognition of their performance, Dennree again gave staff a share in the company's success. Special payments, worth a total of ten million Euros, were distributed for this purpose, the organic retailer announced.

"BioMarkt" association

In the past year, the group has invested, among other things, in a comprehensive introduction of SAP in the central retail trade at Denns. An additional warehouse building with various temperature zones, office and technical areas was also built at the central location in Toepen. The complex is around 16,000 square meters in size and stands on a 14-hectare plot of land. Depending on demand, the warehouse can be expanded in stages, Dennree says.

The 350 Denns stores and around 150 independent stores, the "BioMärkte", have been operating jointly as an association called "BioMarkt Verbund" since October 2020. "We were able to increase our presence nationwide in 2021," Denns Managing Director Joseph Nossol informs. The facades of almost 450 stores were changed to the new logo and the common values were promoted in two campaigns.

In the "BioMarkt" association, Nossol sees "the opportunity to further expand the strength of the natural food specialist trade together with our suppliers and the organic trading house Dennree as a partner. Together, we have the necessary drive to be well positioned for the future."

In the "BioMärkte" that Dennree operates in Germany, "Hofgut Eichigt Milch" (milk) has been available as a separate brand since the end of 2021. Hofgut Eichigt is an organic farm in the Vogtland region of Saxony and has been part of the Dennree Group since 2015. Last spring, the Hofgut expanded to include its own dairy. Since September, the farm has also been Biokreis-certified in addition to being Bioland-certified.


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