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Denmark: Coop launches organic agriculture fund

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More organic agricultural land for Denmark.

More organic agricultural land for Denmark. Photo ©

According to a press release the Danish retailer Coop Denmark together with environmental associations will raise funds to support organic farming in Denmark. 

The Coop Denmark crowdfunding platform has partnered with Økologisk Landsforening (Danish Organic Association) and Naturfredningsforening (Denmark’s Nature Conservation Association) to raise funds for the newly established Danmarks Økologiske Jordbrugsfond (Danish Organic Agricultural Fund).

The retailer’s 1.7 million members will have the opportunity to help the Danish agricultural industry become more eco-friendly, says Coop. All members can buy a company share of DKK 1,000 (€134) or a half-share at DKK 500 (€67). The sale of shares began last week and runs until 31 January 2018.

The goal is to maintain and increase the organic farming area in Denmark through the acquisition of farms.  According to Coop the initiative collected DKK 21.5 million (approximately €2.9 million) so far to ensure the production of safe food without pesticide residue, maintaining soil fertility and groundwater, and protecting biodiversity.

The project manager Nicolai Jaepelt said: ”Agriculture is challenged by the generational change in its industry. At Coop, we have the challenge of maintaining a good source of organic raw materials in the future.”





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