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Biofach: Superfoods given a modern twist by German Newcomers

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21 German companies will be presenting their innovations together at a pavilion called “German Newcomers” The pavilion is being supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Superfoods will be displayed with a modern twist under the motto “Healthy eating should be fun again”, Berlin Organics (BO) has jazzed up its superfood mixtures with humorous designs. Company owner Klaas Koolman explained the idea, saying, “We have tailored the mixtures to different purposes, meaning consumers no longer have to know a lot about and deal with every single superfood.”

GloboVita from Darmstadt has also invested a great deal in providing and promoting convenient organic health products. The Hessian company offers a complete detoxing organic juice week as an all-inclusive package that enables customers to cleanse their bodies internally for an entire week. “The special composition of various superfoods allows people to lose weight healthily without having to cope with attacks of ravenous hunger,” explained Annette Roscher, GloboVita’ sales and marketing manager.

Renate Ladner, the managing director at Munich-based LivQ, said, “These days, everyone knows that personal well-being can be improved by paying attention to what you eat and having a healthy lifestyle.” livQ specialises in natural health products made from probiotically fermented organic raw materials. Explaining the principle behind the products, Ms Ladner said: “The high concentration of enzymes in the products will ensure that inflammation mediators are broken down naturally in the body and is also very easy to tolerate for any customers with food intolerances.”

KAJA FOOD based in Krefeld is another company that has selected sensitive eaters as a target group and has developed both a gluten-free power lunch and a gluten-free power breakfast for them. KAJA FOOD’s founders, Dr Kai Daube and Dr Jarg Temme, both used to be elite athletes and designed the products so that performance levels could be maximized in everyday life as well. As a result of bloggers and followers purposely being integrated into the KAJA Vita Community, this mission is being discussed more and more on social media.

Protecting resources with sustainable materials

ChicoBag, which is located in Jena, uses a plastic bag monster to promote reusable packaging made from recycled materials. Web users are confronted with this statement when they visit the company’s online store: “Germans use five billion plastic bags every year, which equates to over 14 million a day. If five billion plastic bags were to be strung together, the line would wrap round the earth 39 times.” ChicoBag’s founder, an American called Andy Keller, will be presenting a reusable veggie bag at Biofach.

Types of paper made from grass and stone is the new basis of the sustainable disposable cups produced by PRODANA, a company headquartered in Neumarkt. PRODANA specialises in organic disposable crockery made from renewable raw materials such as palm leaves and sugar cane which, in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle, can be fed back into the natural cycle for example stone paper cups that don’t require an extra coating to prevent them from leaking.


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