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BIOFACH 2018: main topic „Next Generation“

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Strong commitment of the young generation: tomorrow I´ll be organic farmer!

Strong commitment of the young generation: tomorrow I´ll be organic farmer! Photo © Karin Heinze

BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, taking place between 14 and 17 February 2018. There will be discussions on ideas about how the “next organic generation” wants to continue developing the concept of organic in production and on the market, and how the generational transition can be successfully shaped.

A sustainable planet, respect for nature, a fair society and a global perspective from the field to the plate – the younger generation are also spreading these traditional aims of organic produce. The dedication of organic farmers, food manufacturers and distributors as well as of organic customers and civil society is continuing – on this, industry representatives agree. So are values such as reliability to citizens and consumers, the authenticity of products, and honest communication. But new minds, new possibilities and new motivation change not only the stories that the sector tells, but the methods and strategies too, which bring us closer to these aims. The younger generation shall discuss exactly what this means at BIOFACH 2018.

The variety of topics ranges from the new generation’s political programme about the passing of the baton and company succession to trends in the start-up sector and civil society. There will also be discussions on what conclusions the younger generation draws from the promises of the programme and the strategy implemented in the past for their plans and communication in the future.

More in the conference programme.






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Comment by Gerd Schnepel |

Besser: HEUTE noch werd' ich Bio-Bauer.