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Bio-Suisse launches online shop for Bud-products

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The Swiss can now order products online in their region from Bio-Suisse farms nationwide. Since last weekend, the umbrella organisation of Swiss bud farms has given its customers the opportunity to purchase fruit, vegetables, milk, meat, bakery products and other organic food directly from local producers and growers at

During the Corona crisis there was strong growth in online orders including organic products. In some cases, producers could not produce nearly enough to meet the demand. Market analysts generally expect customers will continue to order more online even after Corona, so Bio-Suisse’s online offer has come just at the right time.

"That online has a future was also underlined by the traders figures and results during lockdown" Bio-Suisse Managing Director Balz Strasser announced. "The is our answer to the change in retail trade”. To determine how successful the concept is however, the association will monitor the three-month test phase and decide on the future of the online shop at the end of September 2020.

Swiss organic retailers are likely to take a sceptical view on Bio Suisse bringing producers and customers together directly on their website. However, the association has not received any reaction yet, according to David Herrmann at Bio-Suisse’s media relations office

For Knospeshop, Bio-Suisse is using Farmy’s infrastructure, the online retailer that specialises in supplying consumers throughout Switzerland with regionally and responsibly produced food. Farmy is responsible for the website, handling supplier relations with Bud producers and processors and logistics.

Switzerland has been growing more and more organic food for years now and in 2019, organically produced food reached a market share of more than ten percent for the first time. In the meantime, 7,300 companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are producing according to the Bud guidelines. To ensure that there are also buyers for the steady increase in organic goods, Bio-Suisse initiated the Market Support process in 2019 with the association to create new sales channels for Bud-products. One result is



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