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Bio-Marché.Info has closed

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The French portal Bio-Marché.Info ceased operating from the beginning of this year. In the future you will, of course, still be kept up to date on developments in the French organic market and the international organic markets via the  German Portal Bio-Markt.Info and the English portal Organic-Market.Info.

After the success of the German and English versions, Bio-Marché.Info was launched by Kai Kreuzer and Karin Heinze in 2009. Since then, around 3000 reports and news items were published in French and you can still access them on the internet. We created Bio-Marché.Info in order to provide information for readers not only in the francophone regions of Europe but also in Canada and the approximately 100 other countries where the French version was regularly read. Many specialists began their day by clicking on Bio-Marché.Info make sure they were up to speed with everything going on in the international organic industry. During its last year Bio-Marché.Info was integrated in the German bio verlag (see our earlier report).

After a few years, it transpired that it was only possible to develop a French version properly and in the longer term with the participation of a French publisher already operating in the organic sector. However, despite a great deal of effort on our part, we have not been able to find a French publisher interested in an international organic magazine.

A big thank you to all our readers for your interest and loyalty.








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