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BEST ECONOMY forum develops sustainability manifesto

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Auma Obama at the Best Economy Forum
Auma Obama at the Best Economy Forum. © Bioland

200 participants, three days, one manifesto – that’s the outcome of the first BEST ECONOMY forum organised by Bioland, Bio Hotels and Gemeinwohlkönomie. The manifesto proposes actions for developing a new sustainable economy. Read here what it is all about.

Entrepreneurs, scientist, politicians, students and other interested parties got together to exchange ideas and action plans for sustainable business in the Eurac Research in Bolzano. The result is a jointly developed manifesto presenting concrete action proposals for the economy and politics to achieve Agenda 30.

The key demands of the manifesto are:

• Stronger taxation of CO2 emissions and implementation of a climate dividend
• International legislation to protect human rights, climate and biodiversity
• Establishment of a mandatory legal framework for ethical supply chain management
• Anchoring common interests in competition law and market regulation
• Implementation of a new global financial framework for supporting sustainable development and reduce power concentration.

The keynote speech written by Aurna Obama, founder of the Sauti Kuru foundation and author, argued for more economic ethics and transparency. Everyone should contribute his share in to establish a good and healthy economy. This is following the principle of “There is nothing good unless you do it”. In addition, interest and need-oriented communication is needed; this is already applied in her foundation.

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Jan Plagge, President of Bioland and Chairman of IFOAM Europe (International Forum for Organic Agriculture Movements) draws a positive balance of the first BEST ECONOMY forum. He stated that the organisers were overwhelmed by how many entrepreneurs participated and by their active engagement in the forum. Everyone seemed to have realized that it is about time to act. The next step according to him is to spread and implement the manifest.

Bolzano was chosen as the venue for the first BEST ECONOMY forum, because South Tyrol is on the best way to develop into a best-practice region for sustainable development, so Jan Plagge. The next BEST ECONOMY forum is planned for April 2021.

About Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 was adopted by all member states of the UN in September 2015. The Agenda forms the basis for the development of the global economy in harmony with social justice and within the Earth’s ecological limits. Agenda 2030 applies to all countries of the world; developing, emerging or industrialised – all countries need to make their contribution.

At the heart of the Agenda is an ambitious set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

About the Bioland Association

Bioland is one of the most important associations for organic agriculture in Germany. Over 7.700 farmers, gardeners, beekeepers and winegrowers follow Bioland regulations. This is added to over 1.000 partners in food processing and retail, such as bakeries, dairies, butchers and gastronomical establishments. Together, they from a value based community furthering the wellbeing of human and environment.

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