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Award for organic farmers in conversion

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Strong commitment of the young generation: tomorrow I´ll be organic farmer!

Strong commitment of the young generation: tomorrow I´ll be organic farmer! Photo Karin Heinze

Eleven German farmers who intend to convert their farms to organic have been awarded the “Gemeinsam Boden gut machen” prize (Improving the Soil Together) and will receive start-up finance worth 310,000 euros. This the fourth time the nature conservation organisation Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) and the organic company Alnatura have awarded the prize.

Farmers very interested in converting to organic

“We're seeing the negative effects of high inputs of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers more and more in Germany. Nature around us is increasingly in danger. Today, farmers are often faced with the difficult decision: grow or give way,” said  NABU Managing Director Leif Miller. “We're pleased that we farmers can  offer the opportunity to follow an alternative route – to convert to organic agriculture and at the same time to enjoy economic benefits. Again in this fourth promotional year we see farmers are very interested in converting to organic.”

Prize money of 310,000 euros

By receiving the prize, the farmers get start-up finance of 20,000 to 60,000 euros. In 2018 total prize money of 310,000 euros will be paid out. In the last four years, 53 farmers have been given an award via the  “Gemeinsam Boden gut machen” project.  From the 52 applications in various aspects of agriculture NABU selected, in keeping with the criteria of two independent bodies, eleven farms. The winning farms in seven of Germany's federal states joined a recognised organic farmers association last year and applied for the 2018 prize.

Farms can apply for the prize up to 31 July 2018





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