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Austria: Demeter and Spar cooperate

by Katrin Muhl (comments: 0)

Spar in Austria
Around 200 Demeter products are already available at Spar, Eurospar and Interspar. © Spar / Brunnbauer Wache

After concluding a partnership with Demeter, the first products produced according to the guidelines of the organic growers' association are already available at Spar Austria. The Austrian market leader in food had already announced the expansion of its organic range in March. At that time, the grocer offered more than 3,000 organic products. In the meantime, about 200 Demeter products are on the shelves at Spar, Eurospar and Interspar.

In addition to Pinot Gris, pomegranate juice, flour, oatmeal or porridge, the new organic baby semolina porridge of Spar's own brand "Natur pur" also bears the orange Demeter label. "Natur pur" predominates with about 1,100 products in the organic assortment at Spar Austria. About 300 organic products are sold under other own brand lines, for example Spar Vital, Spar Premium or Spar free from. About 1,700 come from different manufacturer brands.

In the 2020 business year, Spar Austria achieved a sales increase of 16 percent. According to the market researchers at Nielsen, the general market development was a plus of ten percent. As a result, Spar gained 1.8 percentage points of market share and took the lead in the Austrian food trade with a market share of 34.6 per cent. Sales of the "Natur pur" brand grew by 28 percent in the same period. In the ten years before that, the annual increase in turnover averaged 17 percent, the company states.

Demeter wants to increase reach

In Austria, 270 farms work according to Demeter requirements. The cooperation with Spar is a new, forward-looking step for the association, according to a Spar media release. "We are concerned with looking at the needs of all and together finding sustainable solutions for helping to shape and develop the world," Andreas Höritzauer, chairman of Demeter Austria, is quoted.

Spar board member Markus Kaser shares: "We as sellers of these Demeter products also see ourselves as part of this Demeter family and live the Demeter idea with our employees in all our markets at Spar in Austria."

In a video that Spar had produced on the partnership with Demeter, Höritzauer says: "I think it's exciting and nice that Spar is now getting involved on a large scale, we've had the organic food retailers on board for a long time and now also Spar, which of course reaches many more people."

Spar plans to further expand its organic range in the future and also to increase the variety in its assortment. This is the aim of the retailer's six-point programme under the motto "Saving diversity together".


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