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Alnatura: Sales exceed one billion for the first time

by Natascha Becker (comments: 0)

Alnatura branch in Berlin
Alnatura market in Berlin. © Alnatura

Organic retailer Alnatura was able to increase its sales by 20 percent in the past fiscal year. Founder Götz Rehn attributes this success to the fact that customers appreciate authentic products.

Alnatura has recorded an increase in turnover of almost 20 percent for this year and thereby clearly exceeded the one billion euro mark. This was announced by Alnatura's managing director Götz Rehn on Wednesday at the annual press conference. Of the 1,077 million euros, 90 percent were turned over in Germany, with the ratio of branches to trading partners being about "half, half", said Rehn.

The Alnatura founder attributes these figures, as well as the strong growth in sales in the specialized trade overall, to the fact that customers appreciate authentic products. Thus Rehn prognosticates a growth of at least 17 per cent for the organic market in this year, the specialized trade about 30 per cent higher sales.

Since the beginning of the pandemic it can be observed that customers tend to go shopping more rarely, but are buying more items at one purchase stop. This trend has also become apparent at Alntura in recent months, said Ruediger Kasch from the Alnatura management. Baking ingredients, canned food, pasta and frozen food are particularly popular in pandemic times - everything that can be well stocked.


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