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Weikfield wins Superior Taste Award 2006

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After the Indian tea-manufacturer Weikfield has achieved a sales return of ten per cent above plan in Europe with its newly developed tea brand within the last year, good news continue. Weikfield’s Organic Golden Mango Tea has been awarded with the Superior Taste Award 2006 in the category Beverages by the International Quality and Taste Institute (ITQI), Brussels. The Management Board was told that an international jury of European Chefs and Sommeliers granted one star to the Indian brand. Weikfield’s organic tea, which was presented at BioFach in Nuremberg for the first time, fulfilled severe quality standards and achieved a remarkable score in the sensory analysis. The official award ceremony will be held on 19th May at Château Sainte-Anne in Brussels.

“The successful launch in Europe and the ITQI-Award show that we have opted for the right strategy”, says Björn Gehrmann, Sales and Marketing Manager Europe. Weikfield produces exclusive Bio-Tea packed in a noble design box and only addresses the upscale organic price segment. According to a study conducted by the Institut für sozial-ökologische Forschung (ISOE) this consumer group belongs to the most interesting and important ones with a huge potential of further growth. 

“However, we do not rest on what we have achieved”, says Gehrmann, who has created the brand and carried out the strategy. “Especially in Germany we still lack of a strong partner.” Despite of the increase in demand for organic green tea, only a few supplier control the market making it difficult for new and small players to enter. “We will put all our efforts to establish our brand, to foster sales with new allies and to fine-tune our strategy on the target group.”  




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