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The Cultivation of GM-Soy Will Be Banned as of January 1, 2007

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Taking into account the numerous debates at the European level on the genetically modified organisms (GMO) and the political sensitivity of this subject (the majority of the EU member states and the majority of European consumers are opposing the cultivation and the consumption of products derived from GM plants), it it necessary to clarify the status of GM-soy in our country, because this type of soy is not approved for cultivation in the EU.


Consequently, the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture organised, in Autumn 2005, a series of debates, with the participation of specialists from institutions involved in GMO regulation (the Ministry of Agriculture - MAPDR, The Ministry of Environment MMGA, The National Sanitary - Veterinary and Food Safety Authority - ANSVSA, The National Authority for Consumers Protection - ANPC, The Ministry of Health- MS), agricultural research and education institutions (including universities) from Romania, members of parliament, representatives of GM seeds producers, cultivators and GM soy seed processing companies, ecological agriculture associations and NGOs for environmental protection.


A strict analysis of all the aspects connected to this sector was made, taking into  consideration the technical, economic and social advantages but also the risks of GM plant cultivation for the environment, health, conventional and ecological agriculture as well as the ethical aspects of this technology.


Following discussions the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture had with European Comission experts, the necessity of taking a clear position in this field has emerged, from the part of Romania, in the perspective of the European integration. After the Romanian Government meeting from 25.01.2006, it was decided to ban GM soy, starting with January 1st, in accordance with current EU regulations. For the present year, the GM soy cultivation will be accepted following conditions that are to be decided in the next period, through a Governmental Decision. Romania will continue harmonizing the national legislation with the European legislation and constituting the institutional framework to implement it, in order to enforce the inspection and control system of GMO related activities.



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