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Symbolic Burning of Organic GM Maize in Catalonia

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

For years,  people have been discussing the ‘peaceful’ co-existence of genetically modified and traditional plants without any appreciable progress being made at EU level. It is still being claimed that this co-existence is possible if good will is shown and certain rules are adhered to.


At the end of February, a Spanish  organic maize producer in Catalonia burnt his crop in protest because  it had been contaminated above the permissible level by genetically modified organisms. The contamination of over 12% was caused by two GM fields at a distance of 75 and 100 m, from which it was carried into the organic maize. Instead of selling  his maize as a conventional crop, the farmer took the decision to make the issue public in order to draw attention to the impossibility of traditional and genetically modified crops existing side by side.


Anaram au Patac, the “revolutionary movement in Spanish  Occitania”  reports that the campaign was supported by several dozen consumers belonging to various organisations and  by the groups “la platforma trangenics fora” and “l’assemblea payesa””.


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