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Soil Association School Food Awards

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Soil Association school meals policy adviser Jeanette Orrey presented the Soil Association’s School Food Awards at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham. This is the second year of the awards in partnership with Organix, supported by Hobart UK. The Awards aim to recognize and champion caterers and primary schools that provide healthy, freshly prepared school meals and are working toward sourcing local and organic ingredients. The Soil Association Food for Life targets a 75 per cent unprocessed, 50 per cent local and 30 per cent organic ingredients.


Picture: Soil Association


This year, the Organix School Food Hero Award (worth £ 1,000) was new to recognize one special individual who has worked hard behind the scenes to make a real difference to school meals. Further awards were the Soil Association Food for Life School of the Year Award (£ 5,000 of kitchen equipment), Organix Best Food Education Award (£ 2,500 of kitchen equipment) and Hobart Best School Dinner Award (£ 2,500 of kitchen equipment).


Jamie Oliver mentioned that there were a lot of winners in the Soil Association School Food Awards – the schools, the local and organic producers and above all the kids. Jeanette Orrey stated she was delighted to see that after years of under-investment, a change in school food could be seen.



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