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Slovenian Organic Food Market

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Both domestic and imported organic products are offered in Slovenian shops and local production, as well as imports, have been increasing constantly. Processed foods, sub-tropical fruits and organic grains for processing are among the most frequently imported products. Demand among Slovenian consumers has been rising. However, the average Slovenian consumer is still uninformed about organic food and farming. Export of Slovenian organic products is insignificant.


Picture: Slovenian market


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As for domestic market production, by the end of 2004, out of 910 certified organic farms that were in principle able to sell their products as organic, only 15 to 20 % were producing for the organic market. Over 90 % of organically managed land is grassland. Thus the production emphasis is on meat and milk. These products are more in demand for processing and handling, but in the case of meat there is less in demand on the organic market. Therefore a significant amount is sold as conventionally produced. For over 50 % of organic farms with market production, direct selling is very important. The most common marketing channels are organic farmers' markets (picture) and on-farm sales. There is no marketing organisation for organic producers and the knowledge of marketing among the farmers is low. The prices of organic products are 20 to 200 % above conventional products; the average premium is around 40 %.

The largest Slovenian supermarket chain Mercator has been actively introducing Slovenian organic products since 2001, especially fresh vegetables and fruits. However, the current domestic supply is low, not sufficiently diversified, and unorganised; an individual approach to the producers is still necessary.


Approximately 10 organic wholesalers operate on the Slovenian market, some of them very small enterprises. Among the most important companies are Prema, Kalček (until October 2005 the former name was used: Duena), Mediacor and Pretti. Once a week the 11 employees of Prema d.o.o. supply the whole of Slovenia, namely about 20 health food shops, 10 canteens (hotels, hospitals) and supermarket chains (Mercator, Spar, Tuš, E. Leclerc). The organic range on offer includes 350 different items like cereals, legumes, flakes, rice, buckwheat, millet, nuts, flour, bread, pasta, dips and soy products.
Another organic food distributor is Kalček d.o.o. (picture above), which supplies about 15 health food shops, supermarket chains (Mercator, E. Leclerc), and a hotel (Zlatorog) every day. Kalček offers more than 3,000 organic products, namely fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and cakes, milk and milk products, special products for macrobiotics, essential oils and even clothes made of certified organic materials. Kalèek delivers to 15 health food shops, 100 Mercator supermarkets all around Slovenia and to 4 manufacturers: Grosstor d.o.o., Fastram d.o.o., Jablana s.p. (picture) and Evergreen d.o.o..




Prema d.o.o.
Address: Majorja Lavrièa ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact person speaking foreign language: Marko Prezelj
Telephone: 00 386 1 510 11 35
Fax: 00 386 1 510 11 30


Kalèek d.o.o.
Address: Savska cesta 5, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact person speaking foreign language: Duško Petroviè
Telephone: 00386 1 523 34 97
Fax: 00386 1 523 34 97



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