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Slovak Republic Organic Food Market

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The Slovak market for organic products is just being born and the share of organic food in the turnover of food products was less than 0.1% in 2004. The reason is mainly the lack of domestically produced affordable organic food on the market as well as insufficient consumer demand, resulting from lack of “organic” education. Most of the raw organic production is exported abroad, usually to Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Very little is processed in the country itself. Nevertheless, in the last 12 months some progress can be seen. Some new organic shops have opened in the capital Bratislava, and they are slowly building up their organic stock. Unfortunately, most processed organic food on the market is imported, either from the Czech Republic, or Hungary or Austria.


Picture: Organic Shop "U malého princa"


Only Three Major Wholesalers    

Although the availability of organic products is growing steadily, the situation is not yet satisfactory from the point of view of specialised organic retailers. Several distributors operate in the market, yet none of them can be considered a standard wholesaler with a complete range of organic food. These companies offer only a limited selection of organic quality with a rather low frequency of delivery (once every two weeks to once a month) and they mostly supply supermarkets. There is a need for at least two strong regional wholesalers of organic products who would deliver on a weekly basis and also have a pro-active marketing strategy. 

For example, Ekotrend Myjava (picture) is a producer, manufacturer and wholesaler; Planeta Food and Natura Bioplus are both wholesalers and operators of small shops; Dia Vega is a big wholesaler but deals predominantly with dietary food.


Ekotrend Myjava, situated just half an hour from the Slovak capital Bratislava, is the largest company in Slovakia involved in the organic business. Besides producing grains and herbs, it also manufactures pasta and herbal teas and distributes both its own and imported organic products. Once every two weeks Ekotrend delivers products to shops all over Slovakia, mainly various kinds of flour, grits and pasta (spelt, wheat, buckwheat), muesli, teas, coffee, wine, oils, legumes, bakery products, sweeteners, sauces and vegetarian spreads. The organic range includes about 300 items. Besides delivering to about 50 health food shops and specialist shops, Ekotrend delivers to large multiples, some canteens, restaurants and bakeries.
Dia Vega is the Slovak “diet food” specialist, who also carries some organic products. It delivers once a week throughout Slovakia, with the emphasis on the central and eastern parts of the country, mainly to supermarkets, health food shops and canteens. Included in its range are wholegrain flour and pasta, cereals, muesli, tea, coffee, oils, legumes, bakery  products, sweeteners,  seeds, nuts, dried fruit, soy products, gluten-free products, food for diabetics and oils. It has about 600 items in total, the minority being organic.


Alfa Bio (picture) is a processor and distributor of soy products (tofu, soy drinks and soybean products). It delivers to clients all over Slovakia, mainly to natural and health food shops, canteens, hotels, restaurants, bistros, hospitals and bakeries. Delivery frequency varies from once every two weeks to twice a week.



Alfa Bio Ltd.
Address: Kremnička 71, 974 05 Banská Bystrica
Contact person: Judita Litvaiová
Telephone: +421 48 41 61 862
Fax: +421 48 41 63 675


Dia Vega Ltd.
Address: Šarišská 6, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Contact person: Michal Kohút
Telephone:+421 53 4410763
Fax: +421 53 4410763


Ekotrend Myjava, Ltd.
Address: 906 23 Rudník 16
Contact person: Roman Kupec
Telephone and fax::+421 34/621 5621




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