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Scotch and Beer - organic

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The largest independent distributor of organic food in the UK, Suma Foods, has launched a range of beers, certified organic by the Soil Association. A Dutch master brewer has been working with Suma Food for the past 18 month to develop the range and is brewing them locally. Independent retailers and a few CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) pubs will sell them, reports Yorkshire Post. Suma has been growing rapidly since the start of its business in the seventies. Today, Suma sells over 6,000 product lines, of which 1,500 are own brand products, and supplies them throughout Europe. The wide range of Suma had not included alcoholic beverages so far, but was well-known for its soups, pasta sauces and dried fruit.


Elgin-based whisky distiller and distributor Gordon & MacPhail has launched the first whisky permitted to carry an official organic certification, as awarded by the Soil Association. The company expects to boost their turnover by about 10 per cent because of the strong sales for the first organic Scotch whisky. 60 per cent of the non-export consignment of Benromach Organic Speyside Single Malt has already been sold since its launch earlier this month. Benromach Organic, distilled in Forres, is the first whisky in which the entire process from raw ingredients, distillation, maturation and bottling is certified organic, reports Business Scotch Whisky is already a totally natural product which is protected by law



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