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Region of Lazio: “Bio-Aziende Agricole di Roma“

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Rome is the largest agricultural town in Europe. 40 % of the commune’s entire territory, 52.000 hectares, is used for agricultural purposes. 1.900 farmers are active with 9.000 employees and more than 200 companies are developing. The Commune of Lazio is also entrepreneur: Castel di Guido and Tenuta del Cavaliere, both organic farms, joined together and set up the trademark “Bio-Aziende Agricole di Roma” – “Organic Agricultural Companies of Rome”. It was set up by the Commune to guarantee a production of quality for over 100 tons of dairy products like Mozzarella, Provolone, Butter and Ricotta and about 50.000 kg of Maremmano beef a year. To support knowledge and consumption of organic products, the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and the Assessor of Environment published a small manual “Colto e mangiato”, a sort of yellow pages in which useful addresses of producers with organic on-farm sales in Lazio are listed. The guide, printed in 5.000 copies, will be distributed in all regional markets. (source: Bioagricultura Notize No. 11)


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