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Philippines: University wants farmers to start with organic agriculture

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The state university, which is one of the recognized six centers of excellence in agriculture education in the Philippines, is advocating a shift from the conventional to organic farming.
The BSU also aims to become the first organic university in the country. It intends to incorporate organic (farming) concepts in its curriculum. Benguet State University (PSU) president Rogelio Colting said the excessive use of chemicals has resulted to the reduction of naturally-borne insects that could be used as predators against some of the destructive pests affecting vegetable production. For as long as farmers remain indifferent to the call for them to minimize the use of commercial pesticides and insecticides in their farms, beneficial insects would continue to be destroyed, reports the Philippine Magazine Sun Star.


The institution's research and development division has discovered at least four biological control agents against leafminer, an insect the attacks most of the highland agricultural crops.




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