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Organic Rainforest Ingredients achieve organic certification

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The company Beraca Ingredients has been granted Ecocert organic certification for its personal care ingredients. The European-wide quality and purity award allows both manufacturers and consumers to clearly identify organic ingredients and products in this rapidly growing segment, reports

Brazil-based Beraca has been steadily carving a name for itself in the international market as a leading supplier of Amazon-sourced natural ingredients, many of which are organically grown in the region's rainforests. Many companies report that when trying to gain organic certification they are often bogged down by a minefield of regulations and a dazzling array of businesses offering different types of certification programmers.


In this instance Beraca has chosen France-based Ecocert, which has built up a reputation over a period of 15 years that now sees its certification recognised in over 70 countries.
Its certification programme aims to assure customers that the product is exempt of chemical contamination and that the process for obtaining the product respects the natural environment, not posing any threat to the survival of the species. Recently Dr. Bronner, a US-based provider of natural- and organic-based personal care products, said that it described Ecocert as one of the most widely recognised and comprehensive organic certification programmes currently available worldwide.


Currently Beraca's range of Ecocert products include Açai Oil; Andiroba Oil; Buriti Oil; Pracaxi Oil; Cupuaçu Butter; Murumuru butter and Ucuuba butter, products that are used in a variety of natural and organic based products, including soaps, moisturising creams and hair care products. Analysts believe that certification can help feed growth in a market that is tipped to be one of the fastest expanding for 2006.

While the conventional cosmetics and toiletries sectors is expected to grow by only around 1 % a year through 2009, TNS Media Intelligence/CRM predicts that the annual growth rate for natural organic skin care, hair care and color cosmetics markets in the US alone to be around 9 % between 2003 and 2008. This leads the analysts to believe that the value of the US market will increase from $ 3.9bn (€ 3.14 bn) to $ 5.8bn.






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