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New: Tutto Bio 2006 published in Italy

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A yearbook with the title “Tutto Bio 2006” was brought out in January by the publisher Egaf. This is already the 12th edition and this year it deals, among other things, with the slogan “Organics and Children”. As well as presenting various reports, and a glossary of food and a collection of recipes for the whole family, the book contains a comprehensive databank.  Included in the information provided are over 1,200 farms with on-farm sales, 800 holiday farms, 200 markets, 1,100 stores, sales portals on the internet, restaurants, refectories, cooking courses, books and trade fairs.  Each category is introduced by an article containing important facts. The book has 320 pages and in Italy it costs 16.00 Euros. When you buy it, you also get a voucher (Biocard) for a 10 % reduction at 446 organic farms.


More from the content: in the versatile handbook one can find the experience of Mrs Ornella and her primary school pupils in Cairo Montenotte; the organic educational farms phenomenon, rapidly increasing throughout Italy; a mini-dictionary useful for clearing a path through the nutrition jungle; a selection of recipes helping you and your children to learn how to make your homemade pizza, pasta, bread, cookies and cakes.


And more, "Would you change?”, the project sponsored by the City of Venice, which saw  1,240 families changing their lifestyles and the results of the Bio Bank  survey “Why choose organic?”. The answers show that 241 consumers have chosen organic products following their concerns about health, ethics and their spcific characteristics.


Bio Bank Censuses

Over 5,500 organic farming operators registered by Bio Bank, among which over 1,700 selling directly to consumers. In every census, you’ll find the most significant data relating each category of operators, introduced by a full-scale article: farm gate sale, producers selling groups, organic holiday-farms, organic local markets, purchasing groups, organic shops, supermarket chains selling their own organic brands, on-line supermarkets, cookery courses, restaurants, catering companies, organic school canteens, organic e-commerce websites, Fair Trade companies, Italian control bodies, organic associations, exhibitions and fairs, organic books and magazines, together with the cards illustrating organic products.


• 1.202 farm gate sale

• 804 organic holiday-farms

•194 organic local markets

• 200 purchasing groups

• 1.014 organic shops

• 11 organic supermarket brands

• 6 online supermarkets

• 69 cookery courses

• 274 organic restaurants

• 22 catering companies

• 654 organic school canteens

• 88 organic e-commerce websites

• 35 Fair Trade companies

• 16 control bodies

• 122 organic associations

• 37 organic exhibitions and fairs

• 176 organic books and magazines


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