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Natural Personal Care Products Gaining Ground

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Natural personal care products are gaining ground in the UK with sales almost doubling between 2002 and 2005. New research by Organic Monitor ( shows that the market for natural & organic personal care products has been increasing by over 20 % a year.


Growing consumer concern about chemicals in cosmetics & toiletries is the major driver of growth. Availability of natural personal care products is also widening with an increasing number of retailers introducing these products. The highest growth has been observed in health food shops and organic food retailers due to the Food Supplements Directive causing retailers to rationalise their range of vitamins & food supplements and give more shelf-space to natural personal care products. Natural products are also making inroads in chemists, department stores, hair salons and beauty centers.


Skin care and hair care products are the most popular with consumers, accounting for 80% of natural personal care product revenues. Natural deodorants and oral care products are also showing healthy growth rates, however the natural cosmetics market is projected to report the highest growth in the coming years. Consumer appeal for natural cosmetics is widening as manufacturers market their products as premium lines.


In spite of high growth rates, the market share of natural products remains low at below 5% of total personal care product sales. A factor behind the low market size is the absence of official regulations for natural & organic personal care products with consumers unable to distinguish between legitimate natural products and conventional products. Low consumer understanding of natural products, growing threat from competing products and lack of research are other barriers to market growth.


A major finding is that natural personal care products are not making inroads in supermarkets, as organic foods have done. The market is not gaining momentum since supermarkets have failed to make an impact with natural personal care products. Indeed, one major retailer de-listed its entire range of organic personal care products because of poor sales. The report cites product positioning as a critical success factor for natural personal care products in the UK.


Research Publication:    #1201-60  The UK Market for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products, Publication Date: January 2006.


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