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More organic products for Rome

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The new project “Green market” was launched by the Initiative of the Commission “Agricoltura della Pisana” in Italys capital. Markets selling organic products in the squares and streets of Rome and in the communes of Lazio. In the region of Lazio, there are 3,200 companies, employing 70,000 people, cultivating and processing fruit and vegetables without pesticides and preservatives. 10 % of land in the region is being used for the cultivation of organic fruit and vegetables. In Italy, Lazio is leader in consumption of organic products. As Ms Daniela Valentini, the assessor of “Agricultura delle Pisani” says, it is important to support the cultivation of organic products and to lower the prices. A commission was created in which representatives of the producers are involved to commercialise their products in a more aesthetic and cheaper way, reports Bioagricultura Notizie and Da Corriere della Sera.




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