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Malta Organic Agriculture Movement (MOAM) forwards eco-tourism

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Malta Organic Agriculture Movement in collaboration with the Mellieha Local Council organized an open public forum on Organic Farming, Ecotourism and Agritourism on Friday 24th March 2006. A short introduction was given by the council's representative followed by a presentation by David and Mary Mallia on their experience as operators of the first certified organic farm.

This was followed by a presentation by John Portelli on marketing of agritoursim, ecotourism and organic production. MOAM is looking forward to organise similar events with other local councils and environmental organisations on ecotourism, agritoursim and organic agriculture. (pictures: organic farmer on Gozo around christmas with potatoes, left, and Zucchini, right.)


Malta Organic Agriculture Movement (MOAM) is a totally independent and voluntary organisation set up in November 1999 to promote Organic Agriculture in Malta. Its members include farmers, consumers, technical people and many others who have the local natural environment at heart. The primary aims of MOAM is to inform the public about Organic Agriculture, share and disseminate ideas and methods for Organic Agriculture, organise the necessary training, represent those who embrace organic principles both locally (in parliamentary circles, administration and policy making) as well as internationally, follow closely the developments in this field, set up and update Organic Agriculture standards for Malta and co-ordinate product certification.


As a short term objective  MOAM will be publishing a manual for trainers and another one for trainees. Such satisfactory work has been accomplished thanks to the funding of the Leonardo da Vinci programme. As a longer perspective the whole island of Gozo could be producing organic crops. While a big sector of Maltese fields will convert from conventional to organic production as there will be a bigger demand for organic crops.







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