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Hungarian consumers magazine Biokosar with Basic-advertisment

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The fifth issue of the new Hungarian consumers magazine "Biokosar" has just been published. The German organic-supermarket chain Basic promotes its new market in Vienna

with a full size advertisement on the back cover and reckons with customers from Hungary.


Editor of the monthly magazine ist Ferenc Frühwald, founder of the Hungarian agriculture association "Biokultura". Biokosar startet in March 2006 and covers at present 12 pages, but should be enlarged up to 32 pages. The printout has A/4 size and a circulation of 40.000. 30.000 issues are supplements to gourmet- or lifestyle-magazines, another 10.000 are displayed in the organic retail, hotels and organic restaurants or at fairs and exhibitions. The pdf-version is available cost free on the Internet.


The topics vary from organic food over nature cosmetics up to nursery. Biokosar intends to

explain the differences between conventional and organic produce and to clear up mistakes concernig "organic". There is also a focus on organic certification. Soon, it shall be upgraded

to cooking, new products, gardening and nature food shops.




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