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Created in co-operation with French Ministry of Agriculture and Setrabio (now Synabio), is the leading internet marketplace for the global organic industry. Established since 2001, it receives about 13,000 professional visitors per month.

Dedicated to Organic Agriculture, from production through to distribution, the website provides offers to sell and offers to buy certified organic products from all over the world. All products listed in the marketplace are certified as organic by certification bodies recognised under the European organic regulations or IFOAM.


The stated aim of is to contribute to the development of organic agriculture and make it possible to sell, export, communicate and gather information effectively and as cheaply as possible. On the virtual marketplace of, there are on average 500 offers to sell and 200 offers to buy. About 51 % of the visitors develop their business through the marketplace. Fruit and vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants and cereals are particularly in demand. Since 2005, there is growing demand for cosmetic products and textiles. About 60 % of the buyers on the marketplace are manufacturers who are looking for raw materials, and about 40 % are importers/wholesalers/distributors. Most originate from Europe and North America, but since 2005 there has been increasing demand from Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Arab Emirates.


56 % of the sellers are producers, 40 % manufacturers and 4 % other sellers of organic products. More than half of the sellers come from Europe and North America but, thanks to the certification bodies SKAL and ECOCERT, sellers from India and China are becoming more and more important. The directory includes: 4,200 companies that are members of and 13,000 additional entries in the database. The site has information about regulations, organizations (certifying bodies, Government departments, Associations), organic markets and industry news.

The services are only available for professional companies that are certified organic, and the certifications have to be recognized by the EU or IFOAM:


- to be listed in the directory and get a login and password : costfree
- to consult the directory : fees
- to post offers in the marketplace : fees
- to exhibit within the Greentrade pavilion : fees
- to advertise : fees



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