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Global Market: Business Opportunities & Future Outlook

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Organic is the fastest growing sector of the food industry with global sales approaching US $40 billion in 2006. High market growth rates are leading to supply shortages in sectors like fresh produce, meat, dairy and ingredients. Produced by continuously researching the global organic food industry over 5 years, the new report focuses on business opportunities and the future outlook. Detailed market & competitive information is given for the leading geographic regions. Market information includes market size by countries and product categories, historic & projected market growth rates, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints. Competitive information includes supply-side overview, sales breakdown by channels, retailer analysis and profiles of leading companies (producers, importers and retailers). Other information includes organic certification & standards, consumer behaviour and future outlook. The report highlights the business opportunities to existing producers, new entrants and exporters in the organic food industry.


Selected findings from the report:
1. Global sales of organic food & drink have doubled since 2001 with revenues approaching US $40 billion this year.
2. Although most sales are concentrated in Europe and North America, high growth rates are being observed in other regions.
3. The largest increases in organic food production have been in Asia, Africa and Latin America. All three regions have reported triple-digit growth in organic farmland since 2000.
4. Production of organic foods has become global; however differences between organic standards of the major trading blocks are becoming an impediment to international trade of organic products.
5. Organic fruit & vegetables is the largest product category, comprising a third of global revenues. Organic dairy products and beverages are the next most important categories.
6. Consumers in Switzerland, the US and Singapore are the largest spenders on organic products in their respective regions
7. In regions like Europe, consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their buyer behaviour towards organic foods. They are seeking additional value from organic products than just the production method.




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