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Fair Trade Outlet in Indonesia

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

As Greenplanet reports, the first Fair Trade Outlet in Indonesia was opened at Sanur (Bali). The Indonesian Forum for Fair Trade (FFTI) has given life to this project located near the Hotel Santai in June 2006. Non-governmental organisations have introduced Fair Trade in the 80s; so far the domestic market has been small and hardly recognized. Over 20 companies operate and produce around Bali and Yogyakarta nowadays and there are others in the country. Gung Ailt of FFTI has stated that this is an important step to create a new market for Indonesian products and to promote Fair Trade among the people of the country. Until now, almost all of the production was sold to foreign markets, especially to Europe and the United States. This is only a first step – similar outlets are planned.




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