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Exporters are interested in German "Bio-Siegel"

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Since September 2001, all agricultural products and foodstuffs from organic farming may be labelled with the national Bio-Siegel (eco label) of Germany. The small hexagonal logo with the inscription "Bio" brings about clarity, uniformity and orientation for organic or eco products respectively. Consumers can rely on it: "If it says 'Bio' on the outside it contains organic products." For only producers and manufacturers who comply with the provisions of the EU Organic Farming Regulation and subject themselves to the mandatory inspections may sell their products as organic or eco goods and label them accordingly with the Bio-Siegel.

Currently 1,476 companies have registered their use of the Bio-Siegel for a total of 30,800 products. In order to obtain the German organic logo, the company does not have to be located in Germany.



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