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EU implements New Organic Farming Unit

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In the beginning of the year there have been some changes in the DG agri, the agricultural administration of the EU. The new departments for organic agriculture and for bio-energy, bio-mass, forest and climate change will be linked to the Direction F – horizontal aspects of rural development, with now 6 departments. The Dutch Isabelle Peutz is leading the new organic department.


Organic-Market.Info asked Isabelle Peutz (picture), Head of Unit DG AGRI F5 "Organic Farming" some questions:


1. Since when does this new department exist and how many people are working there?
The new Unit "Organic Farming" of the Directorate General Agriculture and Rural Development was created on 1 July 2005. There are for the moment 8 permanent staff members and 2 temporary members working in this department.
2. Which working areas is the new department responsible for?

In short the mission of this department is "to develop the Community policy on organic food and farming ". In doing so it contributes to the wider mission of our Directorate General of promoting the sustainable development of Europe's agriculture and rural areas, by strengthening the competitiveness and quality of agricultural products by protecting the environment and social fabric of Europe's rural areas.
It is responsible for managing and developing the Community legislation on organic production, the implementation or monitoring of the European Action Plan on Organic Farming and Food and developing trade in organic products in particular from developing third countries. It also monitors the appropriate uptake of organic farming in rural development programmes during their approval process by the Commission.

3. What are your aims for the next months?
Our priority for the next months is to make progress on our proposal for a new Council Regulation on organic production and labelling with the Member States and the European Parliament. In the meantime we will continue working on other actions of the European Action plan such as the more detailed rules for organic production, controls and labelling, negotiations in relation to import of organic products, the uptake of support to organic farming under rural development programmes, communication and promotion campaigns in support of organic products, and discussing with stakeholders on future developments, etc.
4. Are you personally interested in Organic Agriculture, do you have experience in this field?
I have always been interested in a sustainable and healthy agriculture as my working experience and training both in the areas of agronomy and veterinary medicine show.



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