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Dear reader, welcome to Organic-Market.Info

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We would like to present to you a new form of magazine. In what way new? Organic-Market.Info is intended to reach out to all of Europe, to link together the organic movement and, in particular, the people and companies dealing with organic trade and retail. As our means of distribution we have chosen the internet, because it has big advantages: it keeps down production costs (print, postage etc.), and it is a very rapid means of communication. We can write an article on a fair or another event one day, and the next day it is published in our internet magazine.


(picture: the editor Kai Kreuzer)

What else is special? We think that photos are a good way of conveying ideas. We have made it possible for you to look at the photos in a small format (for users with an older computer) and for you to click on the photos to enlarge them almost to full screen size. So without having to move from the spot, you can get a very good impression of what shops, wholesalers or manufacturers are like in other countries.

The team at Organic-Market.Info are dedicated people working to improve the quality and flow of  information about the organic food chain. Read more about us in the category TEAM. For three years we have had the experience of running the German version,  Bio-Markt.Info. But of course not everything in these two magazines is identical. Especially for the European version in English, we have stepped up the number of reports on (almost) all European countries. Those which are missing at the moment (Baltic States, Ireland) will hopefully soon be added.

Of course, we cannot offer all information for free, as we do with the news in brief, every day, five days a week as well as with some reports you find under (cost-free only). Our colleagues have to be paid; the technical staff handling the internet technology and our indispensable translator. But if you think this magazine is a good idea, please support us. By subscribing, you get to read all the articles for a year. And you are helping an independent publisher to build up the capacity to improve the coverage of the organic market in Europe. At the moment we are writing 2-3 in-depth reports every week.

For manufacturers with organic products which are designed for export, we have a special offer. You can send us information and photos for your new products, and we will put them into the organic product innovations database. So, in this way, wholesalers or importers can keep abreast of new products or new company contacts that could be taken up.

And for all companies which want to be contacted by importers/exporters, wholesalers or other interested people, you can put your company contact data into the organic addresses database, called Organic Links.


Our aim is that ideas are disseminated throughout Europe and worldwide, that people willing to get more involved in the organic trade can take part easily in developments and that longstanding professionals regularly get news about what is happening elsewhere.

Europe is uniting politically and the European organic business also is cooperating more and more. The very next international event will be the BioFach in Nuremberg, beginning 16th February and running until 19th February.

The day before the BioFach begins, there will be a tour of organic supermarkets, an organic deli shop and organic stands in a well known market in the centre of Munich. I will guide this tour personally, and we hope to include about  20 participants.So if you are interested in taking part, just send me a mail:


I wish you every success in the growing organic community.

Best regards,


Kai Kreuzer 



















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