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Czech organic product of the year

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

In the course of the yearly “Czech Organic Month September”, several products were awarded. The foundation “Nadace Partnerství” and the association Pro-Bio awarded the first prize to a curdled milk product of the creamery “Mlékárny Valašské Meziříči” that appeared only recently on the Czech organic market.


The producer received a cheque for 20,000 koruny (about 780 €). Apart from the curdled milk product that won the first prize for its flavour, its good availability in all parts of the country – it is sold by supermarkets as well as by organic food shops – and its practical wrapping (carton), the following products were awarded as well: organic eggs of two different producers, a desert that has to be mixed (consisting of buckwheat) and a mix of bulgur wheat groats with red lentils to be cooked.


As only a small number of Czech producers have been engaged in the field of organic food production so far, a large part of the eco-products sold in the Czech Republic are imported from abroad. Tomáš Růžička of “Nadace Partnerství” points out: “For this reason, we try to support and highlight Czech eco-products of a high quality by awarding prizes to them. By doing so, we aim at inspiring other producers.” Moreover, the title “organic producer of the year” can help the producers to promote and sell their products.




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