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Certification company in the Balkans now accredited

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Bulgarian organic certification agency Balkan Biocert Ltd. is now accredited (EN 45011/ISO 65) and licensed, reports FiBL in Switzerland. Balkan Biocert Ltd., the Bulgarian organic certification body, is now accredited. In addition, Balkan Biocert has been officially licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture to provide its services.

Balkan Biocert operates in Bulgaria since 2003, as a result of a joint project of Swiss and Bulgarian institutions operating in the field of organic agriculture. The company is entirely owned by Bulgarian shareholders – non-governmental organizations and private business entities committed to the organic movement.


“Our services are in high demand, not only in Bulgaria, but increasingly also in Macedonia” says Gergana Nentcheva, the Manager of Balkan Biocert. This was the motivation for the company to open an office this year in Macedonia. It offers the full range of high quality services to all clients. “And at affordable prices for farmers”, as Nentcheva stresses.
The company is also open to participation by Macedonian stakeholders, and has applied for accreditation to the responsible Macedonian authority.


The Swiss partners in this project are the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs of the Confederation of Switzerland – SECO, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture – FiBL, and the Institute of Market Ecology – IMO.


Balkan Biocert inspects and certifies plant production, animal husbandry, beekeeping, wild collection, processing and trade in organic products according to the Bulgarian regulations and EU directives. Certification according to NOP Final Rule, JAS and other standards (incl. private-sector ones) for organic production is offered in partnership with IMO. Balkan Biocert also provides information on import/export of organic products and about the legislation applying to organic production in individual countries.

At present, most of the company’s clients are located in Bulgaria and Macedonia, where it works with its own permanent inspection staff. The inspected and certified projects produce and trade in organic medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables, essential oils, dairy products, bee honey and wild collected plants.




Gergana Nentcheva, General Manager Balkan Biocert
Hr. G. Danov 13, Plovdiv Bulgarien (BG)
Tel.: +359 32 625 888
Tel./fax: +359 32 625 818


Marlene Heeb, FiBL
CH- 5070 Frick, Switzerland
Tel: +41 62 865 72 20





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