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Calon Wen receives Soil Association certification

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The Welsh organic dairy co-operative is the first dairy company in the UK to be awarded the Ethical Trade Organic Standards Certification by the Soil Association. The Chairman of Calon Wen stated to be delighted, since the co-operative was set out seven years ago with the goal to supply organic milk with a direct link to the farm and the people producing it. Low food miles and complete traceability from farm to customer were important to the co-operative. The Ethical Trade symbol would let everyone drinking the milk know that the farmers and workers involved were benefiting from the sale. Calon Wen has 20 organic family farms producing milk in the heart of the Welsh countryside, reports the Soil Associaton.


The Soil Association Ethical Trade Organic Standards aim to ensure fair and equitable trading and employment with social and environmental practices within the organic food chain. The Association’s Director Patrick Holden mentioned that by ensuring the farmers that they would receive fair prices meeting the costs of production and providing a profit, they were enabled to operate on a scale and level of production which delivered sustainable, welfare-friendly farming.


As the first branded organic milk to be sold by a major supermarket, Calon Wen are set for success. Customers can buy the co-operative's organic milk at major supermarkets including Tesco and Morrison as well as at other independent retailers in the region.



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