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Buy a “green” Christmas tree

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Swedish researchers made an energy comparison between real and artificial Christmas trees. It showed that a locally grown live cut-tree only used about a fifth of energy compared with a full size plastic tree, if the plastic one is used for ten years. The decision is even easier to make when taking into consideration that most artificial trees are made from PVC. Farmers of Christmas trees emphasise that their trees can grow on soils not suited for other crops. An acre of Christmas trees produces oxygen to support 18 people and absorbs CO2. Every year, about 35 million Christmas trees are cut and sold. The most environmentally friendly solution, however, still is to buy a tree in a pot and to plant it outside after Christmas.


There are some tips available for buying cut-trees: It is recommended to buy trees grown by organic farms or at least farms using few pesticides. Mostly, various pesticides, causing diseases from skin irritation to cancer, are in use. Locally grown trees should be preferred since shipped ones are sprayed with additional pesticides. Also, a species should be chosen which is native because usually not as many pesticides are applied to them.


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