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Bioera Ready To Launch "Gelosia"

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Bioera specializes in the production and sale of organic and natural products. "Starbucks" Italian style, but on a smaller scale, is the latest project the company is working on. This new chain of coffee bars will be located in major towns in Italy and even abroad, in places such as Dubai, Moscow and Tokyo.

The company’s goal is to open 50 outlets before the end of 2007. Coffee, chocolate and ice cream will be on sale, together with organic juices including jungle juice. Coffee and chocolate are well-known products for Bioera, but ice cream is unknown territory for them. However, this could soon change. Bioera is investigating the potential of a small company specialized in the production of ice cream. Contracts could be concluded either this year or in 2007. Considering the growth of the organic sector, the launch of the chain "Gelosia" and the acquisition of a company in the ice cream sector, it is estimated that this group could reach a turnover of € 100 million in 2007.


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