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BioFach 2008: Olive oil awards

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

From food tasting course to olive oil tasting, there will be much to appeal to the senses of the some 45,000 trade visitors from 21-24 February 2008. Newly introduced at BioFach 2008 is an award for the best organic olive oil. The special feature of this award is the tasters, as the visitors at the exhibition decide the winners.


The Olive Oil Award guarantees an objective assessment of the constantly growing number of olive oils presented at BioFach. Over 60 exhibitors from 10 countries were present with their oils in 2007, the large majority of them also at the Olive Oil Bar. Besides the classics like Italy, Spain and Greece, there were also European “exotics” like Cyprus and Albania. The meanwhile established overseas countries of Chile and Australia were joined by Saudi Arabia and Palestine, the first producers from the Arab region. 


According to a survey by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC), worldwide olive oil production from conventional and organic cultivation in 2006/2007 was 2.86 million tonnes, with 2.14 million tonnes of olive oil produced in the EU in this period. The leader is Spain with 1.1 million tonnes ahead of Italy with 0.6 and Greece with some 0.4.



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