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Agrosophia helps develop organic and biodynamic agriculture in Russia

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

So far, organic agriculture in Russia is not very developed. There are about 40 organic farms that farm 40,000 ha of organic land and 30 processors for organic food. In addition some 70,000 to 100,000 ha are used as wild harvesting areas. This area is still extending.
The association Agrosophia is involved in the development of biodynamic agriculture in Russia. The 40 members of the association are private persons as well as organisations. Their major responsibility is consultation of farmers, processors and retailers, but also research and education. Besides members support and consultation, also lobby work for organic agriculture is carried out, for example by recommendatory letters addressed to the government, reports the organisation Ekoconnect, based in Dresden.


Due to the increasing demand for consultation Agrosophia established a consulting company called “EKONS” in 2004. One of Agrosophia’s main tasks is to create and develop a legal foundation according to the EU regulation 2092/91 for organic agriculture in Russia, especially for certification. One year ago the association handed in a draft about technical standards at the certification authority “Gosstandart“, concerning the question how to regulate the production and certification of organic products. In the middle of 2005 a bill was handed in to the Duma; it was supposed to be passed at the end of last year.

There was no information about an adoption at editorial deadline. Since there is no legal base for organic production, 48 % of the producers use the labelling “organic”, “biologic” or “natural” without certification, according to the marketing agency CVS Consulting. With this labelling, prices can be increased by 20-30 %. Until the standards are passed, Agrosophia endues proved products with the own labelling „Tschistyje Rossy“ (“pure dew”).




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