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One World Award

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The finalists of the first, international "One World Award" are certain. The visit of the five select projects confirmed that they are in accord with the aims oft the award – they contribute their part with extraordinary engagement to give globalization a positive dimension. The finalists are:


Harald Schützeichel, who launched the Foundation Solar Energy in Ethiopia in 2004, aiming at supplying the rural population of Africa. Anil Rana, who brought the Janhit foundation in India into life in 1988 to create a sensibility for clean drinking water and to fight water pollution. He also started a program for ecological cultivation in 2002 to make an important contribution to bio diversity.


Lal Emmanuel, who launched the Nagenahiru Foundation in Sri Lanka in 1991, which emphasises on the protection and the reforestation of mangrove woods. Master Sheng Lyun, who started to be active for the Fo Fa Shan foundation in Taiwan in 1995. On about 45 hectares, the religious community works according to ecological methods to promote that kind of farming. Victor Ananias, who opened the first organic store in Turkey about ten years ago and founded the organization Bugday to support the development and support of ecological farming and environmental protection.


The One World Award will be given out every two years and will be awarded for the first time in 2008 at the world convention of the IFOAM on June 19th. The award is remunerated with 25,000 Euros. IFOAM is patroness and the jury consists of Joseph Wilhelm, the CEO of Rapunzel, two holders of the alternative Nobel prize Vandana Shiva from India and Tewolde Egziabher from Ethiopia, and the IFOAM vice-president Alberto Pipo Lernoud from Argentina.



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