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Pavilion for innovative cosmetic producers

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Fresh ideas, exciting concepts, the slightly different product – that is precisely what buyers can expect from the special areas for young, innovative enterprises. For the first time also in Hall 7A (Vivaness), 10 newcomers will present themselves with the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, BMWI). We´ll introduce some of the exhibitors at the first Vivaness pavilion for innovative enterprises (German newcomers) in brief portraits.

Nature & Hightec

QMilk: polypeptides are active ingredient favourites

Anke Domaske was a complete newcomer to the industry when she founded Qmilk five years ago. The young microbiologist became an inventor and now also produces luxury natural cosmetics in Hanover. She combines the polypeptides from milk proteins with the active ingredients from organic vegetable oils. Welcome to the future!
“We are the only company in the world which is devoting itself to the refinement of milk proteins on this scale. For the cosmetics, we have developed a care system with an innovative mechanism of action,” says the entrepreneur. “Our cosmetic products especially help people with a sensitive skin and bring them back into balance.” Milk contains natural polypeptides, which are an active ingredient and the perfect emulsifier for natural cosmetics at the same time.
This confirms that the ideals of beauty from antiquity, such as Aphrodite and Cleopatra, intuitively reached for the right resource, explains Anke Domaske. “QMilk unites ancient knowledge with modern science. The raw material milk is impressive due to its incredible versatility,” she enthuses.

What QMilk does not want is a wastage of food. Every year, two million tonnes of milk are disposed of in Germany – enough raw material for many more innovative refinement ideas. For example microbeads for exfoliants which are already produced for QMilk’s own products, as well as other companies. They are gentle on the skin and do not harm the environment in any way because they can be composted as an organic material.

The start of the QMilk product innovations was marked not by the cosmetics, but by Domaske’s revolutionary idea of developing a fibre made from milk, which was – to the astonishment of all the sceptics – successful, after tireless experimentation. The development of the QMILK cosmetics began after it was discovered that the technicians got extremely soft hands as a result of handling the fibre. The company’s commitment to sustainability and capacity for innovation were recognised when it won the European Green Tec Award 2015, amongst others.

Be in Blossom: high-tech, organic and luxury in one bottle

At the beginning, there was a vision: a care product brand which provides customers with all-round satisfaction. “On the one hand, it had to be extremely effective. So effective that the customer wants to smile at their own reflection when applying the products. On the other hand, we wanted the care product brand to convey a sense of well-being and luxury,” says the founder of the new natural cosmetics brand Be in Blossom, Christina Kuhn. “Luxury is supposed to be conveyed by the packaging, but also by the contents of the crucible – a care experience. The products also had to be so natural on the skin and so skin-friendly that they are hardly perceived on the skin. A kind of all-in-one solution,” the Organisation Manager of the young enterprise BuffBuffet Organic Technologies summarises the brand.

Christina Kuhn herself is completely convinced of the quality of the products: “We know how much work has been put into every product, and we are very happy with the result. We hope that the customer will also love and value our products.” Right from the start, the product development was based on three fundamental pillars, explains the young company founder: effective, luxurious and organic. To improve the efficacy of each individual product, the multilevel effect was applied, which sets the multi-action effect in motion. “The synergies of all the product components create a new level of quality and provide skin-friendly, luxurious and organic high-tech care complexes,” Christina Kuhn clarifies the mode of action.

Even the perfuming was planned superficially taking the action into consideration. Thus, the compositions of fragrances do not, as usual, consist of individual, ineffective fragrance segments, but of fine pure plant essences and extracts. “These not only bring an aromatherapy effect, but also a special action into the product,” says Kuhn. “Keep blossoming and flourishing,” is the clear message of our company. The brand name “Be in Blossom” communicates this to the customers. At Vivaness, the company is to present itself with its new care products for the first time. The focus here will be on the ocean: the multi-complex serum Ocean Flower and the two care products for men of the product line Black Coral are face care products which are rich in active ingredients, based on extremely effective maritime technologies.

Yverum: effective and honest natural cosmetics made in Germany

Iris Janssen and Marc Baeuerle, the two company founders of Yverum are newcomers to the natural cosmetics industry. It is their desire to develop effective anti-aging products for the skin for people over the age of 30 which are based on simple, yet very effective recipes, and to present them in elegant packaging. The target group: women who look out for honest and effective ingredients and do not want to dispense with the sense of luxury. At the end of 2012, Janssen and Baeuerle founded Yverovel GmbH with the brand “yverum – naturally yours” in Düsseldorf. “We wanted to bring an exclusive and effective natural cosmetic to the market, effectiveness coupled with visually appealing packaging,” Iris Janssen outlined the plan. This was successful, for example, with the serum which manages with just four ingredients in its recipe – an extraordinarily short list of ingredients (INCI).
In close collaboration with an experienced team of experts, the small range of creams and serums are produced and bottled in Germany according to the guidelines of Yverovel. The product range has just been extended by the lip care product and a serum for the sensitive part of the eye and the lip contours. A combination of cistus and jiaogulan called Reforcyl® is a component of the serum and provides for another innovation from Yverovel. “We are a dynamic and very flexible company. This makes it possible for us to explore new paths,” saleswoman Antje Rösgen explains the company’s capacity for innovation. “We keep our eyes and ears open and also ask our customers what their wishes are.” Yverovel brings its products onto the market with a small team and “a lot of passion”. The young company has already been able to achieve one major success: the Yverum Hyaluron Anti-aging Serum was awarded the “Best New Product Award” in the Face Care category at Vivaness 2015.

Traditon & high-quality

Mahlenbrey: the fascination of precious oils

Brigitte Mahlenbrey has concentrated on untreated vegetable oils for decades. The comparison of a number of products repeatedly confirms her fascination with pure, virgin oils. “High-quality skin care depends on the active ingredients; high-quality vegetable oils possess these in a good balance,” explains the expert. This conviction, her wealth of knowledge and her love for oils ultimately caused Brigitte Mahlenbrey to found her own company, Mahlenbrey, which specialises entirely in virgin vegetable oils for cosmetic application and body care. Mahlenbrey was launched in Freiburg in 2011.
The top priority for the ten oils and the mixtures enhanced with essential oils is their untreated quality. “They are vital, living products. They enter into active metabolism with the skin and support it with its tasks, as the active ingredients are very similar to the skin,” says Brigitte Mahlenbrey. The oils are not deodorised, and contain neither water nor stabilisers. The company founder knows that “it is only in virgin oils that it is possible to find the valuable active ingredients, such as fatty acids, phytosterols, phospholipids, vitamins and minerals, which not only take care of our skin, but also strengthen it and support it in the body’s own tasks.”
All the active ingredients are preserved, for the precious organic raw materials from throughout the world – such as jojoba, babassu or coconut – are carefully harvested, processed in small oil mills and freshly bottled. The stylish aluminium bottles with a pump dispenser optimally preserve the quality: they provide the optimum conditions for the shelf life due to the light protection which they offer and are also, according to Brigitte Mahlenbrey, sustainable due to their almost unlimited recyclability. The company has an organic certification from IMO Control, and the raw materials are fairly traded. The company founder’s love for virgin vegetable oils and her close relationship with the precious oils are also a result of her actively helping with the olive harvest in Italy for years and getting inspiration from the Ayurvedic tradition in India. The oils each have a focus in their effect and can also help with particularly skin problems. But Brigitte Mahlenbrey leaves no doubt: “Virgin oils are always good, for any skin.”

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