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Key theme: Organic 3.0 – Acting for more organic!

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Organic agriculture

This year again BioFach´s focus of the congress is on the further development of the organic sector. "Organic 3.0. Acting for more Organic!" is the discussion on the future of the organic sector with credible and sustainable concepts. The past two years have shown that the organic sector is ready to further develop its own conceptional understanding of organic under the heading ‘Organic 3.0’.

What began as a farmers’ gathering in Schleswig Holstein, has evolved into a global discussion forum, spurred through the different BioFachs worldwide and the debates led by the organic movement - represented by IFOAM – Organics International. Several organic think-tanks. Especially SOAAN (Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network), aiming at crystalizing the discussions, develop contents linked to Organic 3.0 and present their visions of how they see the evolution from Organic 2.0 to Organic 3.0. The aim is to set Organic 3.0 to be ground-breaking in the re-structuring of the global agriculture and food industry.

The organic movement with partners in politics, the private sector and civil society are called upon to create the conditions for the restructuring process and growth as well as actively support the organic sector, is explained at the BioFach website. The international trade fair BioFach 2016 provides the platform for holding discussions and initiating specific measures.

Organic 3.0 – Acting for More Organic!

BioFach under the patronage of IFOAM is the platform to go on with the discussion of the Organic 3.0. The dialogue in favor of ‘Organic 3.0 – Acting for More Organic!’ is directed at the organic movement and external stakeholders, says an IFOAM paper. It aims at achieving a common understanding regarding the medium and long-term goals of trade. It covers three main areas: policies, the private sector and the civil society and organic service providers.

In annex 2 preliminary Organic 3.0 guidelines are introduced. "Positioning: Organic is an agricultural production system conducive to achieving true sustainability in agriculture and the food sector. Organic agriculture offers solutions to the environmental and social challenges like poverty, malnutrition, climate change, the loss of biodiversity or the degradation of natural resources (e.g. soils, water). Feasibility and effectiveness are proven, it is now imperative to pursue target-specific promotion and dissemination. The common public interest and the urgency of true sustainability to ensure the future of humankind require public investments."

The complete document you can find here as pdf.



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