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Australia: Organic producers threatened by proposed new import rules for seeds

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

12.04.2018 Editor

Lately, the Australian Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has proposed a compulsory treatment of seeds from crops like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and rocket with fungicides when they enter Australia to work against the increasing threat posed by seed-borne pathogens. The proposal follows the department’s introduction of mandatory fungicide treatments for some melons earlier this year.

South Australia votes to keep GM crop ban in place

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

30.11.2017 Editor

South Australia is set to extend its ban on growing genetically modified crops until 2025, after a Bill proposed by Green members in the state government was passed by a single vote this week.

Australia: Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya Driver celebrate their 7th year in business

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

12.09.2017 Editor

Founded in 2010 in a tiny Australian kitchen, Sonya Driver’s product lines Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya Driver are considered global players in the organic beauty industry and are now celebrating their 7th anniversary.

Australia cautious about EU Agricultural Trade Deal

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

04.11.2016 Editor

Australia is worried that EU rules and norms might become a hurdle to agricultural negotiations. The European Union is an important trade partner for Australia, since 4.5 percent of their exports go to the old continent.

Tribunal gathers evidence of Monsanto´s ecocide

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific


The Monsanto Tribunal was held in the middle of October in The Hague. A panel of five prestigious judges listened to witnesses from all over the world. Lawyers, farmers, mothers, health experts and scientists made serious accusations against the American chemicals and seed corporation Monsanto. The aim is to incorporate ecocide into international law. The People´s Assembly, that was held in parallel to the Tribunal, has already  “condemned“ Monsanto (watch the videos). More reports from The Hague.

IFOAM World Congress and General Assembly: Inspiration and Outcomes

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

27.10.2014 Redaktion
Evaluation of the Congress by IFOAM’s managing director Markus Arbenz was positive, the keynote speakers also pointed to the way forward

IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014 in Istanbul

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

04.09.2014 Redaktion
The Turkish organic movement invites us to the biggest organic event of the year from 13 to 15 October 2014

International Trade Fair Calendar 2014

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

13.03.2014 Redaktion
Even though the first 2.5 month are already over, there are still a plethora of organic fairs planned. This article aims to be a summary of 2014's most important fairs.

New Zealand Organic Market Report

International_EN Australia/Japan/Pacific

07.06.2013 Redaktion
The value of the organic sector in New Zealand has grown by about 25% since 2009.
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