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Why German consumers reach for regional products in the supermarket

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In a survey commissioned by the German grocery retailer Rewe, 2,500 consumers provided information about their purchasing behavior. The focus was on regional products in supermarkets.

86 percent of the study's respondents said that it was important or very important to them to support farmers and local suppliers.

According to the results, a majority regularly buys regional products in the supermarket - only 1.6 percent would never reach for such products. Shorter transport distances and the freshness of the products were also among the main arguments for buying regional products in the supermarket. The availability of regional products in supermarkets was important or very important to most people.

Where the survey participants buy regional products

The infographics show where the respondents of the Rewe survey buy regional products.

What the respondents associate with regionally produced goods according to survey results:

  • products are fresh
  • producers receive fair remuneration              
  • products are local varieties


About the survey

The representative survey was conducted by the opinion research company Civey on behalf of Rewe. For the survey, 2500 German citizens aged 18 and over were questioned in an online panel. The survey period was July 2020.


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