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Transgourmet launches its own organic brand for the catering market

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New Transgourmet products
Natura Transgourmet launches with 120 articles. © Transgourmet

Organic is booming - but not in the out-of-home market. The largest sales of organic products are currently achieved by food retailers in discounters, supermarkets and health food shops. Wholesaler Transgourmet is now reaching for untapped potential in the out-of-home market.

Before the end of April, the company will be the first specialist for gastronomy and community catering to introduce its own organic brand: "Transgourmet Natura" is to be rolled out internationally and make the Coop Switzerland subsidiary the leading wholesaler with organic expertise. It is true that the company already offers individual organic products. But due to their small number, organic products have hardly been relevant at Transgourmet so far.

More than 200 articles by the end of the year

Natura starts with 120 articles, certified organic according to EU standards. A full range of organic products is covered, including pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables, meat products, dairy products, canned food, beverages, sweeteners and more. By the end of the year, there should be "more than 200 articles", Transgourmet promises. Currently, the first articles are being introduced in the foodservice segment and later in German Selgros markets, reports the German online paper Lebensmittelzeitung (LZ). At the same time, a campaign is running in the media and markets.

Natura, the retailer's fifth own brand, is positioned next to "Transgourmet Ursprung" (Engl.: origin). With its artisanal and regional background, "Ursprung" is also sustainable - but not organic. A characteristic that many kitchens often find too expensive, too time-consuming to procure and too complicated to certify.

Natura as an incentive for more organic

The reservations from the kitchens are countered by the organic efforts from politics: The German federal government wants to increase the organic share in public institutions from one to more than 20 per cent. Parallel to this, federal states, regions and cities have launched their own plans. Above all, the goal is to increase the area under organic cultivation in the European Union from the current eight to 25 percent by 2030. An action plan of the EU Commission is intended to give an additional boost to the pace.

For Transgourmet CEO Manfred Hofer, Natura offers "a great opportunity to play a major role in shaping the transformation". The aim is to "remove obstacles in order to bring organic into the market quickly". This is to be achieved with a comprehensive training and seminar programme on organic products, recipes, calculations and support on the way to organic certification of the businesses.

Transgourmet takes care of procurement itself

According to LZ, the prices of Natura products are about 20 per cent higher than those of conventional products. Their availability is guaranteed, and Transgourmet takes care of procurement itself. In Germany and Europe, the Coop Switzerland subsidiary is building up a network of producers and manufacturers who produce sliced and pre-cooked organic products. The wholesaler purchases fruit and vegetables via Coop's fresh produce platform in Southern Europe.


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